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I’m so happy you’re here.  Are you looking for new and tasty plant-based and vegan recipes? Maybe you’re interested in connecting more deeply and joyfully to your food, your life, and the world around you. Whatever has brought you here, I hope you find something that is meaningful and helpful to you.

About Me

Lisa Viger Planted365 Vegan Plant Based Recipe LifestyleHello. I’m Lisa Viger, an artist, photographer, author, gardener, navel-gazer, and lover of the planet and all its inhabitants. I draw and paint, cook, write, and take lots of photos. I believe yoga and chocolate are best when done daily. I’m (almost always) profoundly happy just to be alive and practice gratitude for nearly everything, large and small.
Showing others how to make beautiful and healthy vegan foods, create soul healing art, travel within and discover who they really are, and become strong and balanced through mindful movement makes me incredibly happy.
I haven’t always been so deeply engaged  with and in love with this, “one wild and precious life.” Much of it was hindered by anxiety and, at times, panic attacks and agoraphobia. Vegan for over ten years, I found lasting recovery and overall wellness in a plant-based and gluten-free diet, yoga, connection with others, art and creativity, dance and movement, mindfulness, and deep and abiding gratitude.

Why Planted?

Planted is an obvious reference to a vegan and plant-based lifestyle. But it means much more to me. “Planted,” is the seed that is the beginning of any new life or project. It’s the rooting in place that depends so profoundly on a nourishing environment. When the conditions are good and healthy, we grow and we flourish. Every day.
My goal is to discover for myself, and then pass on to you, the tools to root, nourish, grow, and flourish … every day.

Vegan and Plant-Based

I became vegan in 2007 after reading The World Peace Diet by Will Tuttle, the book that changed my life. From then on, I committed to a vegan life based on concern for animals, and have never wavered.  Over time, I’ve also appreciated an improvement in my own physical health, as well as my mental and emotional well-being.  Living vegan and eating a plant-based diet helps me tread more lightly on this beloved planet and be kinder to my fellow humans, as well.

* All recipes on Planted365 are vegan and use no animal products.
Lisa Viger Planted365 Vegan Plant Based Recipe Lifestyle Art Yoga

46 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I would like to start my journey into raw food, but wondering if your produce is organic? I can't afford organic for everything and where I live (NJ) buying all organic fruits and veggies would be definitely more than 10 a day.

  2. F mickns says:

    I found out about you from Fredrick Patennaude's Book on eating raw for $10 per day. You are truly a gift from God. You provide recipes, caloric content, real cost figures and beautiful photographs! Finally I can show my doubting family and friends that raw food (in my opinion,God's plan), on a budget. I would appreciate it if you could come up with a diet that emphasis raw food but not totally raw for a family of four. Replace store bought or cooked desserts and snacks for home prepared raw dishes. For example, replacing breakfasts of bacon, eggs, toast and coffee for less expensive green fruit and Greens smoothies. Finally, please emphasis the fact that fruits and vegetables relatively more expensive than the SAD diet because of government policy. By heavily subsidizing the huge corporate corn, rice, wheat and by extension, animal meat industries, food costs have been turned upside down.But that's another issue I suppose. Getting back to the more manageable individual and family universe, that you so much.

  3. Nixe.me says:

    A few days ago I was searching for the recipe toast on google. and I found a blog that reviews many inspiring recipes. I hope this blog will continue to grow. Thank you!!!

  4. Stella says:

    Hi Lisa, I write from The Netherlands. I came upon your website by chance through Google. I have big health issues and I hope raw food will help me solve them. I love your recipes and your art too! Love, Patrizia

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi Lisa, this is Alison. I met you at the store the other day I was the vegetarian cashier haha. Love your blog all the food looks amazing! Going to try soon 🙂 Maybe I will see you at the store again and I can tell you how it goes.

    • Lisa Viger says:

      Hi Alison, it was nice to meet you! Always cool to meet other vegetarians and vegans. Yes, do let me know how it goes. BTW… when I say, "I get all my ingredients from the little grocery in town," I mean the Country Market … 🙂 !

  6. Lisa – I was wondering if you snacked between meals, and what you ate if you do? Or do these meals fill you up enough? Some of them look filling enough for me for sure. I just saw the BBQ recipe you posted, and I love love love BBQ – more specifically, I love BBQ sauce! I can't wait to try this. Hope to see you soon! Miss seeing you at the Fitness Center!

  7. Dalia Davis says:

    Thank you so much. I've been needing you for a long time to help me with my raw food vegan budget. I did my first full day today and am so impressed. I was a gourmet cook before so I easily get bored and end up spending too much money then falling off the program when the budget gets tight. With you I will always have a culinary adventure to go on without breaking the bank. I'm just so very grateful to you. I'm so glad I finally found you. Thank you so very much for your help.

    • Lisa Viger says:

      Hi Dalia, so glad you're enjoying Raw on $10!

    • Dalia Davis says:

      Yes I am. I just finished eating some plum pie. I made some blackberry purée and used store bought coconut ice cream since the ice cream maker I ordered hasn't come yet. So so yummy!! What a sweet lovely thing to sit down to some evening TV with. I like the strong emphasis on friut. I feel happy when I'm eating a lot of it. I could go on and on about the scrumptious things I've been tasting while watching my grocery bill go down and my taste buds being pampered. I'm a total convert and devotee now. I will buy any books you write. You're absolutely brilliant.

    • Lisa Viger says:

      Wonderful to hear, Dalia!

  8. eleni says:

    Hi Lisa,

    I began my Vegan journey eight years ago, and since the beginning of 2014 have started eating 90% raw. I love your passion and dedication to this lifestyle for health, animals and environment. I can feel your passion which is so aligned with my own. My friends always tell me that when I share a recipe with them, or tell them about the health of our food and environment, after reading various articles or watching documentaries, etc., my eyes light up. I truly believe that a plant-based diet for all humanity would create a utopia! Thank you for sharing your love and awesome recipes. I very rarely write to someone about their blog/website; however, your site plucked a heart-string. Warmly, Eleni

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hi I'm wanting to buy your fab book. Has it been published yet? I can only seem to open recipes on your website but I would like to use the weekly planner. Lx

    • Lisa Viger says:

      Hi anon,

      Thank you! My book will be out August 1 of this year. You can preorder, though, at the link above! 🙂 Will have more meal plans soon as well!

  10. Sonja Steis says:

    Hi Lisa
    Just came across your blog and love it! I started a vegan raw food supper club last year and love experimenting with new recipes and can't wait to try some of yours! We're also in MI. My daughter and I volunteer every other Friday at Sasha Farms, is that near you? Sincerely Sonja

    • Lisa Viger says:

      Hi Sonja 🙂

      Glad you like it and find it helpful! Yes, I live near SASHA Farm. I'm about 20 minutes away in Brooklyn. I'll be volunteering there soon, too. Maybe we'll meet!

      Lisa 🙂

  11. Hi Lisa! I just checked out your website since we last spoke at the Fitness Center this week. I can't wait to try out your Valentine's Day menu! Especially the Cheezcake. I never thought of using cashews as a base for this kind of dessert. We love traditional cheesecake, but I am always trying to find healthier options that taste just as good (or better!). I am so excited to try your recipes. 🙂 Thanks!!! —– Charity

    • Lisa Viger says:

      Hi Charity!

      It was so nice chatting with you the other night! The cashews work out really well because they're so creamy. They make an amazing cheese, too. Glad you like the recipes! See you soon at the Fitness Center!

      Lisa 🙂

  12. Laurie Artis says:

    Nice website Lisa. I'm Laurie, live in Raleigh, NC, trying everyday to eat healthy. I enjoy learning about (and eating) vegan. Good to see lightworkers such as you inspiring, helping, and guiding the world. Thanks again

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hi Lisa I'm George and your blog is great! Sarabeth my wife and I just went Vegan at 65 We are finding it to be quiet easy and also easier in the food budget too. I put your css feed on my site. http://www.fitnessprogramsforyoutoo,com. if you will let me I'd like to add some of your recipies on My site. You see i was born with Ceberal Palsy and want to share my life with others to encourage them.

    God Bless


  14. Thank you so much for this great recipe. I made it a couple of weeks ago and it was gorgeous. I have featured it on my blog if you want to have a look? http://www.greenthickies.com/creamy-filling-dairy-free-chocolate-chia-smoothie
    Many thanks

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hi Lisa! I was wondering…has anyone lost weight using just your recipes? I'd like to try.

    • Lisa Viger says:

      Hi Anon, I've lost weight using these recipes. I find, too, there are a few things that I eat all the time … like I'll have one particular smoothie every morning for weeks or a certain salad for a while. If you do try, let me know how it goes!

  16. olivia may says:

    Oh my goodness you're amazing! And I'm slightly obsessed with your blog 🙂

  17. mariemltn says:

    Hi Lisa! I have gone Raw the 2nd week of Nov 2012 and feel great! My motivation? To be as beautiful and healthy as I can be 🙂 and my little beautiful girl and two grown handsome sons. I love your menu ideas, your photography is also very inspiring, I like to see what I am making 🙂 this way I know I made something new right :D. I can't wait to sit down and read more on your recipes, thank you so much for sharing and blogging! I can't wait to make the mushroom burgers, they look so yummy!!


  18. Frank says:

    Just starting my journey toward an eventual vegan diet, I guess, and found your blog. With the economy challenging everyone to save and healthcare costs becoming a national if not a personal crisis, those of us who get it need to share the word. Diet is the key. A Healthy diet is your insurance against illness. And eating raw on $10 a day sounds impossible until I read your column. Thanks

  19. Anonymous says:

    You are a grandmother!

  20. Anonymous says:

    I have 3 boys under the age of 6. Really trying to get my family off the S.A.D. diet. Would LOVE to see more kid friendly recipes. So glad I found your site. I think alot of people WANT to be healthy but just don't know how. Your site has really given me some great ideas and tips. Keep it up!! Thanks 😉

  21. Anonymous says:

    Totally diggin' this site! Looking forward to trying out some of these recipes. Keep up the fabulous work!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Hi. I'm thinking of starting to include more raw food into my diet starting with breakfast. I notice that many smoothie and breakfast recipes have almond milk. Do you use store-bought almond milk, or do you make homemade raw almond milk? Thanks!

  23. Lisa Viger says:

    Hi Carmon :). Always nice to hear from a fellow Michigander!

  24. Carmon says:

    These recipes are amazing! I am so happy I found your blog. Plus you are a vegan from Michigan which is cool. Traverse City is my home town.

  25. Robyn says:

    What a lovely blog. I will definitely check it regularly! Thanks for the lovely menus, recipes and photos. I especially appreciate that you've taken the time to include the nutritional info.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Lisa,
    I am very impressed with your recipes and menus! I would like to try them all! I have been tiptoeing around raw food for quite awhile, but just couldn't see actually doing it. Your recipes seem like regular food.
    Also impressive you breaking down the costs and providing nutritional information. Thank you!

  27. Anonymous says:

    i think you just saved a students life here. thanks for the easy recipes 🙂

  28. Anonymous says:

    Hi! I love your website, really helpful stuff especially for a college student 🙂 I'm just wondering though because I'm new to this whole raw thing…is toast allowed? Your chocolate toast includes french bread….and I didn't think this was raw because it had to be cooked to be made…


    • Lisa Viger says:

      No, toast isn't raw. But the chocolate toast sure is good … :). It could probably be made with some raw bread, as well. I'll see if I can come up with a recipe.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the great recipes! I just found your site off google and am starting a juicing diet for a month tmrw. With some of your recipes, Im sure i can make it through… they look yummy!!! Thank you!

  30. It's so fun to put a face with the food! Thanks for your beautiful creations–I look forward to them every week!