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Vegan Strawberry Recipes That Are Simply Delicious!

These Vegan Strawberry Recipes are delicious and simple to make. They use sweet and tasty strawberries that are best in summer but available year-round in most places.

Strawberry smoothies, jams, cakes, ice cream, salsa, and more!

Vegan Strawberry Recipes are Delicious for Summer!

Strawberries reach their peak in early summer in most places, making them perfect for warm-weather recipes. You can’t go wrong with these recipes!

Choosing the Best Strawberries

When buying, look for strawberries that are brightly colored, vibrant, red from top to bottom, and do not have a white tip. They should be slightly firm but not hard and also not mushy. A fresh, ripe, strawberry smell can also help identify the best berries.

Will Strawberries Ripen After Being Picked?

No, strawberries will not ripen once picked, unlike many other berries and fruits. That’s why choosing properly ripened berries at the store or farmer’s market is essential. 

58 Vegan Strawberry Recipes

Here are enough strawberry recipes to keep you happy all summer long! ice cream, shortcakes, smoothies, salsa, cakes and cupcakes, and drinks!

XO Lisa

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