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40 Delicious Vegan Recipes for a Delightful Mother’s Day

These vegan Mother’s Day recipes will help you honor all sorts of motherhood and are kind, healthy, and delicious. 

Mother Goddesses

In more ancient times, we honored and even worshipped mother goddesses like Cybele, Freya, Isis, Juno, Yemaya, Brighid, Mary, Rhea, and Asasa Ya. 

vegan mothers day klimt art

Mother’s Day in the US

Mother’s Day is fairly new in the US. Anna Marie Jarvis created the American holiday in 1908, with financial backing from department store owner John Wanamaker and in cooperation with the floral industry, and it was adopted as an official holiday in 1914. Jarvis later denounced the holiday she created, disappointed in how commercialized it had become. Because of that, she spent her later life trying to get Mother’s Day removed as an official holiday.

Less well remembered is Julia Ward Howe, abolitionist and suffragette, who in 1870 wrote the “Mother’s Day Proclamation,” which encouraged mothers to unite for world peace. 

40 Delicious Vegan Recipes for a Delightful Plant-Based Mother’s Day

Enjoy these delectable vegan recipes that are sure to honor the moms in your life. They’re mostly uncomplicated recipes made with easy to find ingredients. 

1. Avocado Kale Florentine with Smoked Paprika Hollandaise from SpaBettie

This vegan Avocado Kale Florentine with Smoked Paprika Hollandaise is the perfect brunch recipe or holiday weekend – fresh avocado, greens, and a smoky hollandaise – delicious! Fresh baked in the oven, or super quick in the air fryer!

vegan mothers day recipes

2. Savory Crepes from Planted365

Mmm, savory crepes. Looks like an omelet, tastes like a veggie filled, magically delicious cross between an omelet and a crepe. All without cracking a single egg. 

savory vegan crepes

3. Vegan Potato Cakes with Carrots and Rice from Little Sunny Kitchen

Vegan potato cakes made with leftover mashed potatoes, rice, carrots, onions and parsley! These potato cakes are crispy and lovely from the outside, but super soft from the inside.

vegan mothers day potato cakes

4. Almost Raw Fruit Tarts from Planted365

These almost raw fruit tarts are super simple and quick to make but are delicious, super healthy, and use common ingredients found at most local groceries.

Fruit Tarts Vegan Plant-Based Easy Almost Raw

5. Spring Nicoise Salad from Yummy Mummy Kitchen

This Nicoise-inspired spring salad is loaded with classic blanched potatoes and green beans, fresh veggies, salty capers and olives, and finished with a creamy shallot vinaigrette. 

vegan mothers day recipes nicoise salad

6. Cheesy Broccoli Vegan Quiche from Watch Learn Eat

It’s easy to prepare this tofu-based Cheesy Broccoli Vegan Quiche using a frozen gluten-free and vegan pie crust. Enjoy a slice on its own or with some fresh fruit or a side salad. Perfect for breakfast, brunch or lunch!

vegan mothers day cheesy broccoli quiche

7. Easy Maple Sweet Potato Soup from Planted365

This vegan sweet potato soup is made even more delicious with a bit of maple syrup. 

8. Super Spring Salad from Gathering Dreams

9. Easy Vegan Cinnamon Rolls from Delightful Adventures

If you love cinnamon rolls, then you’re going to love this recipe for vegan cinnamon rolls. This cinnamon roll recipe contains no eggs, no milk, and no butter…but no one will ever know!

vegan mothers day recipes

10. Easy Vegan Quiche from Vegan Huggs

For a winning breakfast or brunch, serve this Easy Vegan Quiche to a hungry crowd. The filling is packed with flavor from sautéed onions, garlic, and browned mushrooms. It calls for a pre-made pie crust to make it easier! 

11. Mother’s Chocolate Strudel from Vegan in the Freezer

Mother’s Chocolate Strudel only has 4 ingredients and it comes together in about 15 minutes. She will love it and needless to say, everyone else will too.

mothers chocolate strudel vegan in the freezer mothers day

12. Mango Pudding from Planted365 

This mango pudding is a simple raw food recipe. I think it’s lovely. 

Mango Pudding Vegan Plant-Based Raw Food Recipe Lisa Viger planted 365

13. Vegan Cauliflower Steaks with Romesco Sauce from Dianne’s Vegan Kitchen 

Vegan Cauliflower Steaks with Romesco Sauce are a deliciously flavorful dinner dish. 

cauliflower steaks diannes vegan kitchen

14. Warm Potato Salad from Vegan Runner Eats

Today’s vegan warm potato salad recipe is quite simple, requires only one pan (less cleanup!), and is almost impossible to mess up!

warm potato salad vegan

15. Mango Thai Dessert from Planted365

Thai Mango Dessert is a heavenly, super sweet, easy to make vegan treat. 

16. Cold Beet Salad with pecan Arugula Pesto from Sun Kissed Kitchen

This simple vegetarian grain salad is made with high protein quinoa and has a zesty and bright arugula pesto vinaigrette – the perfect light meal or side dish!

17. Raw Food Pizza Pie from Planted365

A delicious, juicy, sweet version of pizza pie. Lots of fruit and creamy cheese with strawberry sauce. Easy to make using commonly found ingredients.

18. Banana Black Sesame Vegan Scones from Veggie Inspired

Easy dairy free scones with a surprisingly delightful flavor combo. Just sweet enough with no refined sugar. They have the perfect balance of sweet and nutty. You’ve gotta try these amazing scones!

vegan mothers day

19. Strawberry Salsa from Plant-Based Cooking

This unique and super tasty strawberry salsa is good all year round but is especially perfect for the spring and summer! 

vegan mothers day recipes strawberry salsa

20. No-Bake Vegan Lemon Berry Cheesecake from Haute and Healthy Living 

These mini no-bake vegan lemon berry cheesecake cups are the perfect little treat for cheesecake lovers who are looking for a healthier lower sugar and dairy-free option. 


21. Healthy Fruit Pizza from Vegan Huggs

Tired of boring oatmeal for breakfast? Why not start your mornings off with this quick & easy Healthy Fruit Pizza? 

vegan mothers day recipes

22. Easy Vegan Lemon Cake from Veggie Desserts

This one-bowl vegan lemon cake recipe is so easy! You only need 9 ingredients and 40 minutes for this light fluffy vegan cake. Follow my step by step tutorial and soon you’ll have a moist, fluffy, zingy layer cake to tuck into. It’s not only pretty but tastes so good that nobody would guess that it’s a dairy free and eggless vegan cake.

23. Chunky Monkey Banana Cream Pie from Contentedness Cooking

My Chunky Monkey Banana Cream Pie is a beautiful vegan dessert made from 6 ingredients. Full of flavor from dates, peanuts, bananas, and coconut nectar. Gluten free and easy.

vegan mothers day chunky monkey banana cream pie

24. Quinoa Avocado Chocolate Fudge Cake from Nest and Glow

Healthy quinoa chocolate cake that’s vegan, eggless and refined sugar free.

25. Gluten-Free Vegan Chocolate Ganache Cake from Gluten Free Palate

A sophisticated dessert that is smooth, rich, and delectable. 

26. Vegan Aquafaba Macaroons from Super Golden Bakes 

vegan aquafaba macaroons mothers day

27. Vegan Pot Pie from Cadry’s Kitchen

vegan pot pie

28. Coconut Chia Pudding with White Peach

vegan mopthers day

29. Best Vegan Quiche Ever from Happy Kitchen Rocks

vegan quiche asparagus

30. Peanut Butter Banana Brownies from Recipes from a Pantry

These Peanut Butter Banana Brownies are healthy vegan brownies that don’t taste ‘healthy’ at all. Use up your ripe bananas in this easy-to-make recipe. Suitable for vegan diets. Post includes Weight Watchers points.

31. Roasted Tomato Tart from Salted Mint Kitchen 

32. Vegan Lemon Cake from Kitchen Mason

This beautiful dairy free / vegan lemon cake is light, moist and CRAZY delicious! 

33. No Bake Vegan Lime Cheesecake from Delightful Adventures

This easy, no-bake, dairy-free vegan lime cheesecake recipe contains no cashews and is also gluten-free! It’s the perfect creamy, tangy, sweet dessert to end any meal.

34. Blueberry and Lemon Oaty Breakfast Bars from Tinned Tomatoes

vegan mothers day

35. Chocolate Avocado Truffles with a Kick from Whole New Mom

These healthy chocolate avocado truffles are a fantastic simple dessert. So easy and delicious, they are certain to become a favorite in your home.

36. Strawberry Spinach Salad with Maple Balsamic Tofu from Glue and Glitter

Sticky-sweet, Maple-Balsamic Tofu is the star of this flavorful Strawberry Spinach Salad. It’s a perfect dish for Mother’s Day or your next dinner party!

spinach strawberry salad maple balsamic tofu

37. Lemon Pound Cake from Make It Dairy Free

lemon pound cake vegan mothers day

38. Mexican Sweet Potato Salad from Mama Latina Tips

mexican sweet potato salad vegan mothers day

39. Raw Mango Pudding from With Food and Love

40. Mediterranean Mezze Appetizer Plate from Profusion Curry

Mezze Appetizer Platter !! You will fall in love with this beautiful and delicious Mediterranean Vegetarian Mezze Platter. It’s a cornucopia of amazing flavors and textures. It’s salty, creamy, spicy, warm, cold, crunchy and everything !! And it’s so easy to bring it together.

mezze platter vegan mothers day

XO Lisa



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