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Vegan Meal Menu 8.13.2018 Raw Food Plant Based Recipes

I need a raw food meal menu! I’ve been feeling sluggish and off lately and I feel I need a few weeks or even a couple months focusing more on raw food. Maybe you’re feeling like this, too. I was further inspired by reading fellow artist, the amazing and super talented Annie Hamman, tell of her experience curing all sorts of ailments with raw food as medicine. She’s also lost 44 lbs since February.

Raw Food Meal Menu 8.13.18 Raw Vegan Plant Based Recipes

I’m trying to get my house ready for sale, as well … and my kitchen is in shambles. Did I say it’s hot?  A dysfunctional kitchen combined with sweat and sawdust isn’t conducive to making anything other than simple food and raw food totally fits the bill. So here’s a full day of easy to make, no exotic ingredients required, mostly raw food. Let me know how you like it!

Raw Food Meal Menu

Breakfast: Breakfast Salad

Salad is one of my favorite ways to start the day. When I became vegan ten years ago, realizing I didn’t have to follow the eggs for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, etc., formula was so liberating. I can have salad, or n’ice cream, or whatever. Lots of mornings, it’s breakfast salad.

Breakfast Salad Vegan Plant Based Recipe

Lunch: Deviled Avocados

Many years ago, I liked deviled eggs. I haven’t eaten an egg in over a decade, but still love the combination of creamy, mustardy goodness. These deviled avocados totally satisfy that craving … they’re even better, and good for you, too.

Deviled Avocados Raw Food Vegan Plant Based Recipe Planted 365 Lisa Viger Raw on 10

Dinner: Carrot Avocado Soup

This is an oldie but goodie … and we just got 10 lbs of carrots at Costco for about $7. It’s a great way to use those and get loads of yummy beta carotene as well.

Carrot Avocado Soup Raw Food Vegan Plant Based Recipe Planted 365 Raw on 10

Dessert: Watermelon Ice Cream

Watermelon season doesn’t last forever so get them while they’re here. I love this ice cream and have been having it on the regular. If you want to stay all raw, use raw cacao nibs in place of the vegan chocolate chips.

Watermelon Ice Cream Vegan Plant Based Raw Food Recipe Planted 365 Lisa Viger Raw Food Meal Menu

Drink: Raspberry Jalapeno Margarita from Fragrant Vanilla Cake

I saw this over at Amy Lyon’s blog, Fragrant Vanilla Cake and just had to try it and link to it here. Amy has a lovely blog and was a recipe contributor to my book, Easy Affordable Raw. This is just what was needed after a long day of sanding and painting!

Raspberry Jalapeno Margarita Raw Food Vegan Plant Based Recipes Planted 365 Raw on 10

This might not be enough for you. If not and you’d like to stick to mostly raw food for today, eat a few bananas or ripe, delicious peaches. Watermelon is in season for a little while longer, and all kinds of fruit can be found at farm stands and markets.

Hope you enjoyed this and that you’re having a wonderful summer! It’s going by way too fast!


Raw Food Meal Menu 8.13.18 Raw Vegan Plant Based Recipes Planted 365 Raw on 10
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