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Vegan Meal Menu Raw Food Vegan Recipes 7.16.18

It’s the thick of summer, 90 degrees and humid, and nearly all I want is raw food. If you’re feeling the same way, here’s a raw food meal plan menu plan for the day that will keep you fed without heating up your kitchen.

Vegan Raw Food Meal Plan Menu

Vegan Plant Based Raw Food Meal Plan Menu Planted 365 Raw on 10

Raw food is beautiful and so delicious. The colors are vibrant, it’s naturally juicy and hydrating, and it’s full of vitamins and antioxidants. This menu today is nearly all raw food. On super hot days a raw food meal plan can keep you cool and minimize heating the kitchen. Farmer’s Markets are also open and have delectable local produce that usually has been ripened to perfection and picked at just the right time … which maximizes the deliciousness.

Breakfast: Kale and Strawberry Breakfast Bowl 

Kale and strawberries are plentiful right now. I just picked up a bunch of perfect and delicious strawberries for $1 a pound. So, this kale and strawberry breakfast bowl is looking pretty good to me.

Strawberry Kale Breakfast Bowl Raw Food Vegan Plant Based Recipe Planted365 Rawon10 1

Lunch: Michigan Salad

This is still one of my favorite salads and I eat it all the time. I included a tofu cheese crumbles option in this, but if you want to stay raw just omit the tofu or substitute with your favorite raw cheese.

Michigan Salad Raw Food Vegan Plant Based Meal Plan Menu Planted 365 Raw on 10

Dinner: Pumpkin Seed and Garlic Pasta from This Rawsome Vegan Life

This is just beautifully made and would be lovely on a slow, summer evening.

Pumpkin Seed Garlic Pasta The Rawsome Vegan Life Planted 365 Raw on 10

Dessert: Coconut Lemon Balls from Pure Ella

Lemon and coconut? Yes, please! I’m so into lemon right now. It’s so clean, cool, and delicious. Craving lemon and coconut, too? This easy but sophisticated dessert will fix you right up.

Coconut Lemon Balls Pure Ella Plant Based Vegan Raw Food Recipe Meal Plan Raw on 10

How are you staying cool this week?

Vegan Plant Based Raw Food Meal Plan Menu Planted 365 Raw on 10
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4 years ago

Thank you so much for this! Exquisite looking and oh so relatable. High eighties while in Stockholm and just so completely unexpected, this heat wave. I need to add a blog post but essentially, walking everywhere under the hot sun, up and down hills for 8+ hours a day, then up 70 stairs to the attic loft flat, where of course air conditioning is usually not needed here. But oh so lucky to have a beautiful month here (as it could have been rain)!

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