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Vegan Meal Menu: Plant Based Meatless Recipes 5.28.18

Don’t know what to eat today? Want something awesome for Meatless Monday? Or Meatless Everyday? Here’s one full day of vegan, plant based, cooked, and raw food recipes. A vegan meal menu using common, inexpensive ingredients found at your local grocery, these healthy breakfast, lunch, dinners, and desserts will deeply nourish and truly satisfy.

Monday Menu Vegan Plant Based Meatless Menu Meal Plan


Vegan Meal Menu

Breakfast: Healthy Breakfast Tacos

Breakfast tacos? Yes, please. Especially these gorgeous, hearty Healthy Breakfast Tacos from Veggie Inspired, featuring tofu scramble and potatoes. I think these would be great in hard taco shells, but just as good in soft corn tortillas. Vegan and gluten free.

Healthy Breakfast Tacos Veggie Inspired Vegan Plant Based Recipe

Lunch: Vegan Curried Chicken Salad

I went away with the vegan boyfriend and a group of friends over the weekend to Lake Michigan. One of the surprise vegan options was seeing THIS at Silver Lake Pizza in St. Joseph, MI:

Vegan Chicken on Salad Plant Based Silver Lake Pizza

What? Vegan chicken? Well, we discovered it was a vegan and gluten free chicken/ch’ken product that was delicious. We had it on a spring greens mix with dried cherries (it is Michigan, after all), almonds, onions, and a balsamic dressing.  It was a beautiful thing. It even looks good in cell phone pics.

Vegan Chicken on Salad Plant Based Silver Lake Pizza

Told ya.

Speaking of beautiful. I love where I live. Michigan is a stunningly gorgeous state. These are from Weko Beach in Bridgman.

Anyway, this Vegan Curried Chicken Salad recipe is similar to what we had. It’s from Amy Katz at Veggies Save the Day and looks just as tasty. I love the stamped forks.

Dinner: I’m Possible Burger

So, just a week ago I published a DIY Impossible Burger recipe you can make at home. I, my-gluten-free-self, wrote with my own gluten-free hands that the Impossible Burger contains wheat and so I wouldn’t be able to try it. Just days later, I was so excited to see it on a menu at Schu’s in St. Joseph, that I ordered it and ate most of my half before I went, “shazam, this isn’t gluten free!”

Impossible Burger Vegan Gluten Free DIY Veggie Burger

It was pretty good and, as I mentioned, I was totally geeked to see it in the wild. I’m thrilled at the increase in vegan options, including this one. But … the Impossible Burger just didn’t curl my toes, either. It was $13 for the burger and fries and I think the little TM flag is required to serve it.  I liked the home made version better. It doesn’t have weird ingredients, and $13 worth of ingredients will make as many as 8-10 burger patties. And the I’m Possible Burger is gluten free.

Impossible Burger Vegan Gluten Free DIY Make At Home Recipe Vegan Meal Menu

Dessert: Vegan Wendy’s Frosty Copycat Recipe

Every time I pass a Wendy’s, which has vegan French fries, btw, I say, “Someone should make a vegan  Wendy’s Frosty recipe.” Well, The Edgy Veg did and it looks awesome.

Edgy Veg Wendys Frosty Copycat Recipe Vegan Plant Based Recipe

That’s it for today. A full day of delicious, healthy, satisfying vegan nourishment.

Do you have a favorite recipe? Tell me about it below!


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5 years ago

What a delicious day of plant based eats! Thanks for including my Breakfast Tacos!

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