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12 Vegan Hoppin John Recipes for a Lucky New Year

Vegan Hoppin John Recipes are a tasty way to celebrate a lucky New Year! These delicious recipes incorporate all the traditional flavors of the black-eyed peas and greens in creative, unexpected, and delectably untraditional ways.

12 Vegan Hoppin John Recipes

A few of the recipes below are from here at Planted365 but the others are from fellow plant-based writers who are amazing vegan recipe developers.

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Why is it called Hoppin John?

Hoppin John is a stew-like dish that’s traditionally eaten on New Years Day. It appears in recipe books as far back as the 1840s, although it dates back well before that. Eating this combination of black-eyed peas, collard greens, and rice on New Years Day is believed to ensure good luck and financial prosperity. 

Vegan Hoppin John Recipes for a Lucky New Year

Like most things, the full truth of the story is actually way more complicated than it may first appear. You can read more about the tradition of Hoppin John in this article by

Why do we eat Black Eyed Peas on New Years Day?

For luck and financial prosperity. This tradition goes back at least to the Civil War. The black-eyed peas represent coins. Additionally, the collard greens in the recipe represent paper money, and cornbread served with it represents gold. 

Vegan Hoppin John Recipes for a Lucky New Year

Black-eyed peas are a small-ish, beige and/or pale yellow legume with a dark brown or black spot on one side. Also called cowpeas, they originated in Africa and have been a food since at least the Middle Ages. In the US, they have historically been a staple in the South. 

Black Eye Peas are delicious, easy to grow, inexpensive, and full of healthy fiber and plant-based protein.

Can Hoppin John be Made Vegan and Plant-Based?

YES! Hoppin’ John, like anything else, can be veganized. Any Hoppin John recipe is actually really easy to make plant-based … simply omit any non-vegan ingredients like pork. The rest of this traditional dish is made of yummy plants and I assure you any of these recipes are packed with flavor!

And who is Skipping Jenny?

Hoppin John leftovers that are eaten the day after New Years Day are called Skipping Jenny. This frugal tradition augurs ever more so for a prosperous year ahead! 

Vegan Hoppin John Recipes for the New Year

Bring some delicious plant-based luck into your New Year with these tasty, vegan, simple, and creative recipes for the traditional favorite on January 1st, Hoppin' John!

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