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Vegan Dinner Menu 2.26.23

This Vegan Dinner Menu has a week’s worth of delicious hearty, plant-based recipes that are perfect for any night of the week. These are sure to keep you warm and well-fed!

Hearty Vegan Recipes for Late Winter!

Look how beautiful! This is a small lake down the road after a record-breaking ice storm came through lower Michigan. We’re on day five of power outages. But … I have to admit it was lovely to look at. We’ve made do with a generator and have collaborated with family and friends to make sure we’re all OK and have stayed warm and fed … (and showered). It’s amazing how much we all rely on power for everything.

Michigan Ice Storm 2023 Lisa Viger Gotte Photo Vegan Dinner Menu Plant Based Recipes
Icy Beauty

Weekly Vegan Dinner Menu

I hope you enjoy these recipes and they help you get through this last part of winter! These are healthy but also comforting and pretty easy to make. Stay safe and warm out there!

Vegan Dinner Menu 2.26.23

What's for Dinner?? Try these hearty, warm, and delicious dinner recipes! All are plant-based and will keep you satisfied!

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1 year ago

I try to make all of these. Which one do you suggest to start with?

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