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45 Tasty Vegan Recipes for a Festive Cinco De Mayo

Here are 45 Tasty Vegan Recipes for a Festive Cinco De Mayo! 

What is Cinco de Mayo Anyway?

cinco de mayo vegan food

Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican and Mexican-American holiday that commemorates the May 5th, 1862 Battle of Puebla. Although indigenous Mexican forces were outnumbered and armed with outdated guns, they defeated the invading French Army which was attempting to conquer the independent country. There’s much more to the story (the French Army was successful a year later) and the Battle of Puebla was the culmination of numerous events and had many aftereffects. The American Civil War may even have ended differently if the French Army had been free to help the Confederacy. 

In Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is mainly celebrated in Puebla. In the 1960s, the holiday was briefly revived in the US as a call for solidarity during the struggle for Civil Rights (which continues). Since the late 1980s, the day has been heavily commercialized and become one more of drinking and profit for beer (and tequila!) companies. Just a bit ironic, since the holiday represents solidarity between disenfranchised peoples and against “colonialism.”

Vegan Cinco de Mayo

Vegan food is a perfect way to celebrate a day of solidarity and taking the side of fairness. So, please enjoy these delicious drinks and dishes! I’ve arranged them into categories: Tacos, Salsa/DIps/Guacamole, Instant Pot, Drinks, and Misc. So scroll down and see what deliciousness you’ll make on Sunday!


Taco … a traditional Mexican dish consisting of a corn or wheat tortilla folded or rolled around a filling.

1. Fried Chicken Tacos from Planted365

These all vegan fried chicken tacos were absolutely delicious! That’s not entirely true. They’re not fried. They’re not really chicken either. But they are 100% honestly so freakin’ good. And easy to make, too.

vegan fried chicken tacos vegan cinco de mayo

2. Double-Shelled Black Bean Tacos from Dianne’s Vegan Kitchen

Can’t decide between soft tortillas or a hard shell for your tacos? Now you don’t have to! These Double-Shelled Black Bean Tacos are filled with Spanish rice, creamy black beans, and pico de gallo, and they’re made with both soft and hard taco shells.

vegan cinco de mayo

3. Taco Cups from Planted365

These taco cups are super cute and so easy to make. Like a cupcake and taco got together and had a delicious, tasty baby.

Taco Cups Vegan Plant-Based Recipe Planted 365 vegan cinco de mayo

4. Potato Air Fryer Tacos from Vegan Huggs

Potato Air Fryer Tacos – they’re bite-sized, perfect for dipping, and totally crowd-pleasing!

vegan air fryer tacos vegan cinco de mayo

5. Vegan Pino Bean Tacos from Diabetes Strong

These Vegan Pinto Bean Tacos are healthy and super easy to make. You can impress your friends with Taco Tuesday in less than 20 minutes and with only 8 ingredients!

vegan cinco de mayo

6. Vegan Breakfast Tacos from Cadry’s Kitchen

vegan cinco de mayo

7. Slow Cooker Mole Mushroom Vegan Tacos or Huaraches from Healthy Slow Cooking

This slow cooker recipe makes the best mole mushroom vegan tacos.  It’s the meatless Mexican recipe that you’ve been looking for, but may not have even known it.

8. Baked Taquitos with Sweet Potatoes from Cadry’s Kitchen

Baked taquitos stuffed with sweet potatoes & black beans. Cook them in the oven or air fryer. The crackling crunch of the corn tortilla exterior gives way to a smoky, spicy, sweet filling.

9. Smashed Pinto Bean Tacos from Watch Learn Eat

Full of flavor and ready in just 20 minutes, these vegan Smashed Pinto Bean Tacos are sure to be the hit of your next taco night.

10. Easy Vegan Tacos from Midwest Foodie

11. Vegan Breakfast Tacos with Black Beans from The Cook Report


Salsa, Dips, and Guacamole

I could just have chips and salsa for dinner every night. 

12. Quick and Easy Pico de Gallo from The Seasoned Mom

13. Easy Vegan Cheese Sauce from Planted365

This vegan cheese sauce is creamy, full of flavor, uses no added oil, and is delicious on just about everything. It’s a super simple staple that’s a vegan and plant-based essential.

Basic Vegan Cheese Sauce Plant-Based Recipe Easy Essential

14. Spicy Vegan Chorizo Queso from Spa Bettie

Spicy Vegan Chorizo Queso – this smoky rich queso is the hit of any party snack table! go ahead and make a double batch, it disappears quickly!

15. Pico de Gallo from Know Your Produce

This Pico de Gallo recipe is a delicious Mexican appetizer, excellent for entertaining. We’re showing you how to make this Authentic Pico de Gallo Recipe at home.

vegan cinco de mayo pico de gallo

16. Vegan Jalapeno Popper Dip from Vegan Huggs

Turn up the heat with this Vegan Jalapeño Popper Dip! It’s warm, spicy, cheesy and completely addictive! Plus, it calls for simple ingredients and takes less than 30 minutes to make. 

vegan jalapeno popper dip

17. 10 Minute Chunky Black Bean and Corn Salsa from Girl Heart Food

This clean eating Chunky Black Bean and Corn Salsa is a game day favourite and comes together in about 10 minutes.  It’s loaded with fresh ingredients, tons of flavour, and plenty of texture.  Grab your favourite tortilla chips and dig in!

vegan cinco de mayo

18. Mexican Sweet Potato and Puy Lentil Mole from Tinned Tomatoes

19. Best Guacamole from Know Your Produce

This the best guacamole recipe ever! Simple guacamole ingredients include creamy ripe avocados, red onions, cilantro, garlic, lime, and a little salt. The perfect appetizer for entertaining, plus it’s vegan!

20. Classic Homemade Salsa How-to from Tinned Tomatoes

vegan cinco de mayo

21. Fresh Tomato Salsa from Brooklyn Farm Girl 

22. Argentinian Chimichurri Sauce from Know Your Produce

This homemade authentic Argentinian Chimichurri Sauce recipe is not just for topping. There are SO many ways to use it.

argentinian chimichurri sauce

23. Spicy Cilantro Avocado Hummus from Moon and Spoon and Yum

An ultra creamy, healthy, and delicious Spicy Cilantro Avocado Hummus that is vegan, gluten-free, and super quick and easy to make!

24. Best Guacamole Ever from What Great Grandma Ate

25. Cheese Dip from Shane and Simple

26. Amazing Vegan Nacho Cheese from Eat Plant-Based

Instant Pot, Air Fryer, and Slow Cooker

An Instant Pot is basically a small pressure cooker and can save time as well as intensify the flavor of some food. Air fryers crisp food with convection heat. Both work fantastically for making delicious vegan foods. 


27. Vegan Jalapeno Poppers from Dianne’s Vegan Kitchen

This recipe can easily be baked in the oven or cooked in an air fryer.

28. Instant Pot Jalapeno Hot Sauce from Plant Based Instant Pot

It takes very little effort to make your own hot sauce. My Instant Pot Jalapeno Hot Sauce Recipe can be varied with different color fresh jalepenos, another liquor, or even make it alcohol-free. Or go crazy and add fruit like pineapple or mango to it!

29. Instant Pot Mexican Quinoa from Recipes from a Pantry

Dump and Start Instant Pot Mexican Quinoa tastes like you spent hours cooking, when it actually requires almost no effort at all! You will love how healthy, versatile and affordable it is to make flavourful Mexican Quinoa in the Instant Pot. Suitable for Vegan and Gluten Free diets. Post includes Weight Watchers points.

30. Instant Pot Ranchero Beans from All the Nourishing Things

Every Mexican-inspired meal needs a side of Instant Pot Ranchero Beans! Soaking for 36 hours eliminates the phytic acid that causes gas and bloating, so you can savor the smoky flavor of these nourishing beans without paying for it later!

instant pot ranchero beans

31. Instant Pot Enchilada Rice Bowl from Profusion Curry

32. Instant Pot Refried Beans from Pressure Cook Recipes

33. Vegan Taco Soup from 9010 Nutrition

Bean Dishes

Beans, beans they’re good for your heart. No, really, they are. Beans help lower cholesterol and fight heart disease.

34. Mexican Black Beans from Know Your Produce

Our Mexican Black Beans make for a delicious meal – keep it simple by making rice and beans or use them for tacos or burritos. This quick and easy recipe is vegan, gluten-free, and bound to be one of your favorite side dishes!

mexican black beans vegan

35. Northern Style Bean Tamales from Mama Maggies Kitchen

36. 10 Minute Homemade Refried Beans from Joy Food Sunshine

Homemade Refried Black Beans ready in 10 minutes! The perfect addition to your family taco nights! Vegan, gluten-free & oil free!

cinco de mayo vegan refried beans

Drinks and Desserts

Wet your whistle with these delicious beverages and satisfy your sweet tooth with these tasty desserts.

37. Spicy Lime Granita from Mama Latina Tips 

This spicy lime granita is a hit in our house. So simple, so fast, so tasty. We love lime and chile so it was a match made in heaven. There’s nothing like a fresh, delicious lime granita on a warm day.

38. 5 Minute Green Bloody Mary Mix from Plating Pixels

Simple 5-Minute Homemade Green Bloody Mary Mix makes a unique cocktail base. Just blend together green tomatoes, tomatillos, celery, cilantro, green hot sauce and spices.

39. Watermelon and Strawberry Iced Smoothie from Tinned Tomatoes


Whatever tastiness doesn’t fit into the other categories.

40. Vegan Burrito Bowl from Hungry Healthy Happy

This vegan burrito bowl is packed with spices and flavour, but super simple to make in under 20 minutes. We truly believe that Mexican food doesn’t have to be covered in cheese and filled with meat to be delicious and it can also be healthy too – this vegan burrito bowl certainly proves that.

41. Vegan Mexican Chopped Salad from Happy Kitchen

42. Vegan Mexican Pizza (Only 8 ingredients!) from Glue and Glitter

Vegan Mexican Pizza loaded with all of the toppings is healthier (and more delicious!) than its fast food cousin.

43. Sun Dried Tomato Black bean Hummus from Plating Pixels

This appetizer is a snap and requires hardly any effort or time for easy hosting or simple wholesome family snacks. Just a handful of items and a food processor is needed. If you want a quick and simple holiday appetizer then look no further than this sun-dried tomato black bean hummus.

44. Roasted Mexican Potatoes from The Organic Kitchen

45. Tipsy Tequila Yellow Watermelon Wedges from Simple Seasonal

XO Lisa


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