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20 Vegan Bacon Recipes for Plant-Based Mmm

Vegan Bacon Recipes are delicious and easy to make. These plant-based recipes are savory, sweet, tasty, and will definitely make you go, “mmm, bacon!” 

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What Is Vegan Bacon Made Of?

OK, first of all, what is vegan bacon made from? Amazing plant-based bacon can be easily made using all sorts of different ingredients.

Tempeh: Some are made from tempeh, which results in a hearty, filling plant-based bacon with lots of protein.

Tofu: But vegan bacon can also be made from tofu, which can be made very thin and crisp or thicker.

Mushrooms: Portabellas are perfect to slice into strips for seasoned, savory bacon!

Rice Paper WrappersSome ways of making plant-based bacon aren’t so obvious. You’d never guess it, but rice paper wrappers make great vegan bacon! They turn out thin and crispy!

Carrots and Zucchini: Thin strips of carrot and zucchini can also be marinated and turned into tasty bacon when sizzled in a little oil … or even when made without oil!

Bacon Bits: TVP crumbles, lentils, oats, and any of the ingredients above can be seasoned and toasted for tasty plant-based bac-o-bits that are perfect toppings for salad, soups, baked potatoes, sandwiches, and more. 

Here are the recipes! Many are from creative fellow recipe developers who use the above ingredients and simple but innovative methods to make healthy, easy, and delicious bacon!

20 Vegan Bacon Recipes

Mmm, bacon! These vegan bacon recipes for bacon made from tempeh, tofu, mushrooms, rice paper, carrots, and more will satisfy your cravin' for sweet, salty, and smoky!

Tempeh Bacon

Tempeh is made by fermenting soybeans and pressing them into a dense cake-like form. It's a fresh, hearty ingredient with a slightly nutty flavor and firm texture that can be easily sliced thick or thin. Either way, tempeh makes a filling and sturdy batch of bacon.

Making bacon with tempeh is also a way to do this breakfast food and sandwich ingredient healthily. Tempeh is rich in protein and fiber. It's basically soybeans, mostly, and so is also low in fat and has a ton of phytonutrients. It's also commonly found in most grocery stores now, usually in the section where the tofu and/or meat substitutes are located.

Tofu Bacon

Many people might be more familiar with Tofu than with Tempeh ... Tofu is kind of like Tempeh's more popular cousin. Both are made with soybeans. Tempeh is made from whole, mature soybeans that have been cooked and then fermented.

Tofu, on the other hand, is made from soymilk. It's a really interesting and kind of amazing process. When an acid like vinegar or lemon juice is added to hot soymilk it will coagulate into clumps of tofu. The clumps are pressed together into the blocks of tofu we've all seen at the grocery.

Tasty and healthy, tofu is also easy to find and will be in most grocery stores. It can be sliced thick or thin. It's a little more delicate than tempeh but can still be sliced quite thin. Here are some delicious recipes for plant-based, tofu bacon!

Mushroom Bacon

Mushrooms are well-known to be meaty, hearty, and have loads of umami flavor. They lend themselves perfectly to the task of making a hearty, meaty, savory plant-based bacon.

Not only that, but mushrooms are astonishingly low in calories, have loads of phytonutrients, and any grocery store will have them.

Rice Paper, Carrots, Etc.

Plant-based bacon can be made of just about any sort of vegan item that can be sliced into strips and that will hold a smoky, savory flavor.

These recipes are inventive and use things like carrot strips and rice paper wrappers. They're still simple to make and also use commonly found ingredients!

Vegan Bacon Bits

Bacon bits are great on salads, in soups, on baked potatoes, and are a nice addition to vegan cheese sauces, or ... well, you can add them to just about anything, really. Here are some tasty recipes for bacon bits!

  XO Lisa

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