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The Hummus Collection: 10 Plant-Based Recipes

Hummus is an ancient way to prepare chickpeas that creates a delectable. creamy dip and spread that can be flavored in myriad ways.

Traditional Hummus is Delicious

Traditional hummus is an easy recipe of chickpeas, lemon juice, tahini, and garlic. It’s just amazing like that. But, if you want to up your hummus game or get some variety in, try some of these recipes! 

What Bean to use for Hummus?

Don’t limit yourself to just chickpeas! Chickpeas are delicious and blend up nice and creamy, but butter beans are amazing. Navy beans, white beans, are tasty or you can even add some green peas to the mix. 

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The Hummus Collection

Here are 10 hummus recipes that are traditional and also with a little bit of unexpected flavor. They're all easy to make and take only minutes. And of these would go well with any tortilla chips, pita, na'an bread, or used as a veggie dip.

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1 year ago

Houmous bi tahina حمص بطحينة is the official title of this dish. Houmous is Arabic for chickpeas and tahina is Arabic ic for milled sesame seeds. This iconic dish that is celebrated around the world on may 13 originated in Egypt in the 13th century and mentioned in two arabic cookbooks of that era.Houmous is the quintessential meal of Arabic cuisine. Thank you

Joann m lakes
Joann m lakes
1 year ago

What is your recommendation as a replacement for the oil in these recipes? My husband can’t have added oils in his food until January. He has pancreatitis which is quite serious. Two major stays in the hospital so I believe him when he says he’s not feeling well.
I was thinking aquafaba but I’m curious if you or your readers might have some ideas.

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