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Sea Monkeys … on Ice!

Sea Monkeys … on Ice!
serves 1 ~ $.30 per serving

When I was about five years old, I saw an ad for sea monkeys. The ad implied the sea monkeys would be little sea people with crowns on their heads … there would be whole sea families in the little packet. Like this:
Seeing as I was five, and not quite able to ponder the ethical implications of buying little packets of people and families, you might imagine my disappointment when my packet of sea monkeys turned out to be nothing more than a bunch of brine shrimp. Perhaps it was the trauma of the realization of being duped, but the sight of the canning jar full of brine shrimp did leave an impression.
So, when I needed a easy, inexpensive, and tasty way to get more H2O in my day, and put lime juice and stevia with some water in a canning jar … voila! It looked just like those sea monkeys that disappointed me so many years ago. And now, I often say, “I’m thirsty, I sure would like a jar of sea monkeys!”
To make your own “sea monkeys,” just use the juice of half a lime or lemon, half a dropper of liquid stevia, water, and ice in a quart sized canning jar. To have the look of genuine sea monkeys, the pulp must be included! As an added bonus, the convection that happens as the water warms from below will make the lime pulp sea monkeys look like they’re swimming!
And it’s {almost} calorie free!
calories: 5
fat: 0 gr
carbs:2 gr
protein: 0 gr
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9 years ago

mmmm… Looking at the dates on the other comments above it seems that I may be a bit late to this conversation.

Oh well, never mind.

9 years ago

Growing up in the Falkland Islands I missed out on Sea Monkey madness.
I like a nice refreshing drink of lemon juice and water, but calling it Sea Monkeys on ice brings a bit of a salty lump to the back of my throat.
Very funny post though, well done.

11 years ago

I just love this recipe and the humor that goes with it! Nice raw food blog!

11 years ago

heh kind of gross in my vegan mind but i there's nothing like a fresh glass of water.

i have grown those trilobites that are sometimes deemed "sea monkeys" they were pretty scary looking. but fun to look at.

11 years ago

I love it!! I totally wanted some of those when I was little, but never got any!!

11 years ago

Very clever!!! I love how the photo looks too.
Peace and Raw Health,

11 years ago

You're funny! Now I can finally get those sea monkeys that I too, always dreamed of!

11 years ago

Eek! We had sea monkeys at school and they completely grossed me out! Sounds like a tasty drink, though.

11 years ago

how cute and clever! reminds me of when i was a small child and my mom sent away for a snuggle detergent bear – i thought i was going to get the talking snuggle bear from the commercials!=)

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