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Raw Food Recipe Menu: November 30, 2014
Apple Slices
serves 2 ~ $1.75 per serving
4 apples, sliced thinly ($2.00)
2 tablespoons agave or other liquid sweetener ($.40)
 tablespoon lemon juice ($.10)
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
4 dates ($1.00)
2 tablespoons water
For the apple slices, it works
out well to toss them in the dehydrator the night before. By morning,
they’re done. Just whip up a bit of sauce, if desired, and enjoy. 
Slice six apples about 1/8 inch
thick, removing the seeds and any hard bits in the center. In a medium
bowl, whisk together the agave, lemon juice, and cinnamon. Add the apple
slices and toss to coat well. Lay out on dehydrator sheets (I used
unlined ones) and dry overnight. They’ll be leathery when warm and will
get crisper as they cool off.
The sauce is just a couple dates and water for blending. I used a small bullet type blender and processed them until smooth. 

calories: 380
fat: 1 gr
carbs: 100 gr
protein: 2 gr
serves 2 ~ $2.23 per serving
1 papaya ($1.29)
 1 mango ($.88)
1 cucumber ($.31)
1 medium onion ($.10)
1 avocado ($.88)
crushed pepper flakes
papaya seeds
2 tablespoons lime juice ($.40)
2 tablespoons olive oil ($.20)
2 tablespoons agave ($.40)
1/2 teaspoon salt or to taste
pinch cayenne
Who doesn’t like making up names
for raw recipes? I sure enjoy it … almost as much as I like fruit
noodles. Froodles were inevitable.
Peel and then shave, grate or cut the papaya, mango and cucumber into small ,noodle like strips and arrange on plates (this is how I cut my noodles).
Sprinkle on some finely diced onion , chopped avocado, crushed pepper
flakes, and papaya seeds (they have a slightly peppery taste). Then,
whisk together the lime juice, olive oil, agave, salt, and cayenne until
emulsified. Spoon over the fruit noodles.
calories: 401
fat: 25 gr
carbs: 47 gr
protein: 5 gr

Salad with Fruit

serves 2 ~ $2.83 per serving

1 small head romaine ($1.29)
1 bunch arugula (1.29)
1/2 papaya ($.65)
1/2 mango ($.44)
1 avocado ($.88)
1 carrot
1 medium onion, finely diced ($.10)
crushed pepper flakes
2 tablespoons lime juice ($.40)
2 tablespoons olive oil ($.20)
2 tablespoons agave ($.40)
1/2 teaspoon salt or to taste
pinch cayenne

 I still had some papaya and mango, and just a bit of arugula left
growing, and decided to make a salad. It’s basically the same
ingredients as froodles with just a few changes, over lettuce.

Chop the romaine and arugula. Grate the papaya, mango, and carrot (I
used my food processor). Add the onion and avocado on top, and sprinkle
with some crushed pepper flakes.

For the dressing, whisk together the lime juice, olive oil, agave, salt
(to taste … I used about a half tablespoon), and cayenne. Pour over
salads and toss to coat.

calories: 398
fat: 22 gr
carbs: 53 gr
protein: 6 gr
Lime in the Coconut Tarts
8 tarts ~ $1.11 per serving

6 dates ($3.00)
1/2 cup walnuts ($.50)
1/2 cup finely shredded coconut ($1.00)
2 tablespoons coconut oil
2 tablespoons agave
pinch salt

2 avocados ($1.49)
3 bananas, dehydrated ($.45)
4 limes, juice and zest ($2.00)
4 tablespoons agave ($.40)

These are just insanely good. I really don’t think there’s a conventional dessert that could be any better tasting than these.

They certainly didn’t last long in these parts, although theoretically they can be covered and frozen for up to a week.

Make the crusts first. In a food processor with the “S” blade, process
the dates until mush. Add the coconut, coconut oil, agave, and salt
and process until it begins to clump. Last, add the walnuts and process
until the walnuts are fully incorporated and the mixture sticks

I used paper cupcake cups and a cupcake pan … the paper lined pans
seemed to make just about perfect sized tarts. Divide the crust mixture
evenly into and press into the bottom and sides of eight paper lined
cupcake cups. Put in the freezer for about a half hour, until firm.

For the filling, in the food processor with the “S” blade, process the
avocados, bananas, lime juice and zest, and agave. It takes a minute or
two, but this will become velvety smooth and the consistency of thick

A note about the dehydrated bananas … these need to be just
dehydrated enough to take some of the moisture out but not hard. I
dehydrated my gently for about 6 hours and that seemed to work out

Spoon the filling into the tart crusts and chill well before serving.


calories: 395
fat: 24 gr
carbs: 43 gr
protein: 3 gr
Total cost for the day: $7.92
total calories: 1,574
total fat: 72 gr 
total carb: 243 gr 
total protein: 16 gr
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