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Raw Food Recipe Menu: January 18, 2015

Mango Pudding
serves 2 ~ $1.44 per serving
1 mango, cubed ($1.49)
1 ripe avocado ($.88)
2 ripe bananas ($.30)
1 tablespoon agave, if needed ($.10)
1 tablespoon chopped cashews ($.10)
sweet, sour, crunchy, smooth … this was an absolutely perfect
breakfast. And it takes all of a few minutes to put together. It’s a
bargain for us, since the local grocery seems intent on keeping the
avocados on sale. I think maybe we buy so many now they’re getting a
better price on them!
a food processor with an “S” blade, process the avocado, one banana,
half the mango, and agave until very smooth and creamy. Top with sliced
banana, the remaining cubed mango, and chopped cashews. Drizzle with
just a tiny bit of agave, if desired.
calories: 407
fat: 19 gr
carbs: 67 gr
protein: 5 gr

Salad with Fruit

serves 2 ~ $2.83 per serving

1 small head romaine ($1.29)
1 bunch arugula (1.29)
1/2 papaya ($.65)
1/2 mango ($.44)
1 avocado ($.88)
1 carrot
1 medium onion, finely diced ($.10)
crushed pepper flakes
2 tablespoons lime juice ($.40)
2 tablespoons olive oil ($.20)
2 tablespoons agave ($.40)
1/2 teaspoon salt or to taste
pinch cayenne

 I still had some papaya and mango, and just a bit of arugula left
growing, and decided to make a salad. It’s basically the same
ingredients as froodles with just a few changes, over lettuce.

Chop the romaine and arugula. Grate the papaya, mango, and carrot (I
used my food processor). Add the onion and avocado on top, and sprinkle
with some crushed pepper flakes.

For the dressing, whisk together the lime juice, olive oil, agave, salt
(to taste … I used about a half tablespoon), and cayenne. Pour over
salads and toss to coat.

calories: 398
fat: 22 gr
carbs: 53 gr
protein: 6 gr

Marinated Mushroom Salad
serves 2 ~ $2.98 per serving

1 head leaf lettuce ($.77)
10 ounces mushrooms, sliced ($2.19)
1 zucchini, sliced ($.66)
1 red bell pepper, sliced ($1.59)
1 medium onion, chopped ($.15)
2 tablespoons agave ($.20)
2 tablespoons olive oil ($.20)
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar ($.20)
2 cloves garlic
sesame seeds
This is a very hearty and filling salad. 
the marinade, which is the olive oil, agave, balsamic vinegar, and
garlic. Slice and chop the mushrooms, zucchini, red bell pepper, and
onion. For this recipe, I cut the zucchini into matchstick sized pieces.
Toss with the marinade in a shakeable container (I just use a large
ziplock box) and let sit for up to a couple hours. Place on teflex
sheets and dehydrate for about an hour, just until warm and slightly
the lettuce and top with the warm veggies. Mix up just a bit more
additional marinade to use as a dressing, if desired. Salt and pepper to
taste, and top with a sprinkle of sesame seeds.   
calories: 322
fat: 14 gr
carbs: 45 gr
protein: 12 gr
Pizza Pie
serves 4 ~ $1.51 per serving
3/4 cup walnuts ($1.50)
3/4 cup raisins ($1.00)
1/2 cup cashews ($1.00)
1/2 cup water
 1 tablespoon agave ($.10)
1/4 teaspoon salt
3/4 cup strawberries ($1.50)
2 tablespoons agave ($.20)
2 bananas, grated ($.30)
1 kiwi, sliced and quartered ($.45)
is such a fun dessert! To make the crust, in a food processor fitted
with an “S” blade, process the walnuts and raisins until they’re ground
up fairly well and start clumping together. Press into a dinner plate or
pie plate (or a small pizza pan!). 
a bullet type blender, puree the cashews, water, agave, and salt until
creamy, which takes a few minutes. Once blended, pop in the freezer to
chill for a few minutes. 
Again using a bullet type blender, puree the strawberries and agave until very smooth.
Using a food processor fitted with a grating blade, grate the bananas (almost unripe bananas work the best).
assemble, spoon a layer of cashew cream on the crust, spreading almost
to the edge of the crust. Spoon a layer of strawberry puree on top of
the cashew cream. Sprinkle the grated bananas over the strawberry puree
(the bananas will be a bit gooey, so it takes a bit of finessing). Top
with the cut kiwi. Let chill in the refrigerator for at least an hour
before cutting into pizza shaped wedges and serving.
calories: 445
fat: 24 gr
carbs: 58 gr
protein: 9 gr
Total cost for the day: $8.77
total calories: 1,572
total fat: 79 gr

total carb: 223 gr
total protein: 32 gr


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9 years ago

Yum!!!!! Love this post, your just proving that you can eat healthy and not have to fork out!



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