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Payday Ice Cream Bars from Super Vegan Scoops

Delicious and super easy to make, these Payday Ice Cream Bars by Hannah Kaminsky from her book Super Vegan Scoops are, well, they’re perfect. Sweet, caramel deliciousness. This is my favorite recipe so far, but Hannah’s new book has over 100 recipes that are sweetly creative and unique. 

Super Vegan Scoops by Hannah Kaminsky Cover

I should tell you who Hannah is, in case you have never looked at vegan books before … she’s written 8 so far! Hannah is the culinary brains behind Bittersweet Blog where she showcases her plant-based creations. I highly recommend taking a look. She has so many tasty recipes there along with some witty and enjoyable writing. 

Super Vegan Scoops by Hannah Kaminsky

Hannah’s new book, Super Vegan Scoops, is beautifully done. It’s a hardcover book, for one, which is always nice. It’s full of so many fantastic recipes for plant-based ice creams. And these recipes aren’t just n’ice cream variations (although I do love me some n’ice cream). Hannah’s recipes are simple but definitely more involved than whirring up some frozen bananas. This is real ice cream. Some need to be cooked, cooled, and then processed with an ice cream maker. But don’t worry if you don’t have an ice cream maker, Hannah gives alternatives that don’t require one.

The book is broken down into chapters like Solo Scoops, Sandwiches Sticks and Miscellaneous Novelties, Sundaes Everyday, Celebration Cakes, Meltdown Masterpieces, and Toppers Sauces Sides and Staples. It’s a pretty comprehensive collection of just about every plant-based ice cream-related recipe you could ever want. I plan to try every single one. 

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Some of the recipes in Super Vegan Scoops include (and check out the lovely names!): Raspberry White Chocolate Frozen Yogurt, Rhubarb Sherbet, Rose Gold Ice Cream, Sake Sherbet, Wild Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Sandwiches, Strawberry Shortcake Pops, Elvis Banana Split, Fried Cherry Pie Sorbet, Completely Coconuts Ice Cream Cake, and Pear Frangipane Cake. 

Payday Ice Cream Bars

Hannah is letting me share my favorite recipe from her book, which is the Payday Ice Cream Bars. This could be my favorite recipe of all time.

Hannah Kaminsky Super Vegan Scoops Payday Ice Cream Bars Cookbook Review Planted365

I loved Payday candy bars, but they’re not vegan and so haven’t had one in 14 years. This recipe might be even better because, ice cream. It’s still got the yummy salty peanuts but they’re over a caramel-y ice cream base. Pretty much chilled Paydays. Yum. 

Yield: 10-12 bars

Payday Ice Cream Bars from Super Vegan Scoops by Hannah Kaminsky

Hannah Kaminsky Super Vegan Scoops Payday Ice Cream Bars Cookbook Review Planted365

Delicious and super easy to make, this Payday Ice Cream Bar by Hannah Kaminsky from her book Super Vegan Scoops is, well, it's perfect.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Additional Time 4 hours
Total Time 4 hours 20 minutes


  • 2 cups dry roasted, lightly salted
  • peanuts, divided
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 2 cups plain nondairy milk, divided
  • 1⁄8 teaspoon salt
  • ¼ cup creamy peanut butter
  • 2 tablespoons tapioca starch
  • 1 tablespoon vegan butter or coconut
  • oil


    1. Line an 8 x 8-inch square baking dish with aluminum foil
      and lightly grease. Spread out half of the peanuts evenly
      on the bottom and set aside.
    2. Place the sugar and ¼ cup of the nondairy milk in a
      small saucepan and set over medium heat. Stir once to
      combine, and then keep your spatula out of it to prevent
      the mixture from crystalizing during this part of the
      process. Rather, gently swirl the pan to mix the contents.
    3. Cook gently to caramelize the sugar, swirling frequently,
      until sugar turns mahogany brown in color. Pour in an
      additional ¾ cup of the milk, swirling to incorporate,
      followed by the salt and peanut butter. Whisk vigorously
      until smooth.
    4. Separately, whisk together the remaining cup of milk
      with the tapioca starch, beating out any and all clumps.
    5. Pour this loose slurry into the pot and whisk constantly
      until the entire mixture has significantly thickened.
      Immediately remove from the heat, add the butter or oil,
      and whisk until it has fully melted in.
    6. Cool to room temperature and gently dollop spoonfuls
      of the filling over the layer of peanuts in your prepared
      pan. Sprinkle the remaining peanuts on top and gently
      pat in to adhere. Place on a flat surface in your freezer
      until fully set; at least 4 hours, and ideally overnight.
    7. Pull out the full sheet of bars, using the foil as a sling,
      and cut into single-serving sized rectangles. Serve right
      away, or wrap individually in fresh squares of foil and
      stash back in the freezer for future snack attacks
Recipe and photo from Sweet Vegan Scoops! Plant-Based Ice Cream for Everyone by Hannah Kaminsky, ©2021. Published by Skyhorse Publishing, reprinted with permission.

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