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Best Vegan and Plant-Based Dog Treats to Make at Home

The best vegan and plant-based dog treats to make at home are healthy for your pet, easy to make, and use commonly found ingredients. These recipes are all that and more.

Vegan Plant based dog treat recipes
Make healthy treats your dog will love!

Ingredients in Homemade Vegan and Plant-Based Dog Treats

Oatmeal is just as healthy for dogs as it is for humans. It contains protein and soluble fiber which will protect you dog’s digestive system.

Banana has potassium and is delicious.

Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, and Carrot contain loads of beta carotene which is a precursor for Vitamin A. These foods are great for your dog’s coat, eyesight, muscles, skin, and nervous system. Like most plants, they also contain fiber which is helpful for digestion.

Applesauce has Vitamin C, which aids bone development and can even help treat some of the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

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Ingredients That are Toxic to Dogs

Here are some ingredients you should stay away from when it comes to your beloved pet.

Grapes or Raisins can cause sudden kidney failure in dogs. It can take as little as one grape or raisin to cause this reaction.

Avocados contain a chemical called persin that is toxic to dogs. Dogs are more able to metabolize this chemical than some other animals. But still, it’s best to stick to ingredients that won’t risk your pet’s health.

Onions Garlic and Chives contain the chemical thiosulfate which is toxic to dogs even though it’s harmless to humans. In dogs, these foods can cause gastrointestinal issues as well as dangerous changes to red blood cells.

Best Vegan Plant-Based Dog Treats to Make at Home

When it comes to feeding our best friends tasty, healthy treats you can't get much better than making your own at home. Try some of these treats for you pooch, which are also safe and delicious for humans!

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Sandy Koster
Sandy Koster
25 days ago

Lisa, I’m super excited about these dog treats! Now I need cat, goat, and horse treats too. Oh, not to forget parrot and outside bird treats as well. 🤗

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