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Banana Bites with a Hard Chocolate Shell ~ a Raw and Vegan Recipe

Banana Bites
Serves 2 ~ $1.40 per serving

  • 4 bananas, sliced and frozen
  • 1 batch hard chocolate shell,
    previous page ($2.00)
  • 1 tablespoon slivered almonds
This may be the easiest and
least complicated dessert I’ve ever made. It’s also delicious, healthy, and
takes only minutes to make.
Simply freeze sliced bananas.
Then, immediately after removing from the fridge, coat the bottom of each with
some of the hard chocolate shell mixture. Set harden on a plastic lined tray.
Add a few slivered almonds. And that’s it.
Nutritional information:       calories: 68      fat: 6 gr       carbs: 4 gr      protein: 1 gr
Hard Chocolate Shell
Makes 12 tablespoons ~ $.16 per tablespoon
  • 4 tablespoons cacao
    powder ($.80)
  • 4 tablespoons
    coconut palm crystals sugar, powdered ($.80)
  • 4 tablespoons
    coconut oil, melted until liquid ($.40)
This is the basic hard and
crackly chocolate shell that can go on ice cream in cones, or dipped strawberries,
or banana splits, or can be allowed to harden in quarter inch thick sheets and
cut into chocolate chunks. It’s extremely versatile.
But, this has to be hard and
crunchy, so agave or similar sweeteners that are wet just won’t work. A dry
sugar is absolutely necessary.
Regular sugar could be used,
though it’s not raw. I’ve always used something called coconut palm crystals
sugar. It claims to be raw, or rawish. It’s definitely less refined than
regular sugar. It’s available online at health food stores and raw food supply
This has to then be powdered,
which is easily done in a blender. A bullet type blender is best, but any will
work. Just whir up the sugar until it’s powdered. This comes in handy for any
chocolate making.
The next three recipes are
basically ways to utilize this hard chocolate shell so the instructions are
minimal. They are all very simple and easy recipes and make luscious treats
that go together in just minutes.
Nutritional information (per
tablespoon):      calories: 53      fat: 5 gr      carbs: 4 gr      protein: 1 gr

We have lots of really fun recipes for kids planned for this summer! Today I wanted to show you the Banana Bites and Hard Chocolate Shell  recipe above, which is from
my Spring Raw eBook! This recipe is perfect for kids (though adults loves it, too) and would be simple
enough for most to make on their own with age appropriate supervision.

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Mary Jane Allen
11 years ago

I love your recipes! I'm in the process of going raw, GF. I'm already dairy free and veg. It's so great to have your recipes to help me get there. 🙂



11 years ago

Can you use Agave instead of coconut crystals sugar?

11 years ago

What are the instructions to make the hard shell? Do I just combine the ingredients?

11 years ago

I have made raw chocolate almond butter cups with agave. It melts quickly, but it definitely still hardens. I used cacao butter and not coconut oil. I imagine the cacao butter is more expensive.

11 years ago

i am subscribed to your emails- I love looking at your daily creations! I have yet to be skilled at creating raw gourmet kinda dishes like you- I don't always know good combos let alone how to mimic cooked food! I eat mostly smoothies and salads- but I am inspired by your recipes, and hope to become as talented soon because my baby is 7 months already and I think I'll need to feed him something a bit heartier than just fruit! 😉 Thanks so much for sharing!!!!!

11 years ago

What a fabulous looking treat! You have such great recipes. Please stop by my blog and PICK UP YOUR SUNSHINE AWARD!!

these look so delicious!! what a treat:)

11 years ago

Why do you mainly make sweet things? Sugar is bad, even when it comes from dried fruits and it makes you want to eat everything, and loads of it… Want to see more healthy choices… 🙂

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