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35 Plant-Based Recipes for a Delicious 4th of July

Happy 4th of July!

Here’s to getting out in the sunshine amongst friends, family, and neighbors. These healthy but delicious recipes will help you celebrate this summer holiday. Below you’ll find hearty burgers and filling main dishes, fresh and fruity dishes made with lighter ingredients, festive sides that will complement any main dish, refreshing beverages, and, of course, delicious and delectable desserts. 

Burgers and Main Dishes

Whether grilling out or cooking in, these vegan burgers and sides will make your holiday delicious. 

1. Homemade Veggie Dogs from Fat-Free Vegan

These vegan hot dogs have a better flavor than packaged frankfurters and a lot less fat and calories. Soy-free, low in sodium, and free of added sugar.

veggie hot dogs recipe vegan

2. DIY Impossible Burger 2.0 from Planted365 

This recipe to make your own DIY Impossible Burger 2.0 at home has no weird ingredients and takes just a few minutes to put together in the food processor. You can make your own tasty, delicious Impossible Burger yourself. 

diy impossible burger 2.0 vegan gluten free make at home recipe planted365 veganosphere 10 TVP burger soy protein 9

3. Southern Style Not Fried Boneless Tofu aka Vegan Fried Chicken from Planted365 

This vegan fried chicken isn’t fried and it’s not chicken. It’s a lot like the southern style version, though. It even reminds me of Kentucky Fried Chicken (what I can remember of it, anyway). Whatever. It’s delicious. It’s also nearly fat-free, totally vegan and plant-based, and is actually good for you.

4. Smokey Vegan Carrot Dogs from brand New Vegan

Who the heck, thought of making a CARROT, taste just like a HOT DOG? 

5. Banzo Burgers Chickpea Burgers from Planted365 

These Banzo Burgers are the perfect, sturdy, firm, not mushy vegan plant-based chickpea burger. They stick together, are lighter than most bean-based burgers, and so versatile. They can be used in any burger, wrap, sandwich, bowl, etc.

Banzo Burgers Garbanzo Beans Vegan Plant-Based Recipe Planted365

6. Best Vegan Burger Recipe from The Cheeky Chickpea

The Best Vegan burger Recipe Ever you say!? OH Yah it’s a Winner! These Ultimate Beefy Vegan Burgers are the best ever and made with a lot of love, Yup- definitely a labour of love. I have been trying to make a juicy, won’t fall apart, delicious, grillable veggie burger recipe for ages now! and…

7. BBQ Tofu Burger from Veg Annie

This BBQ Tofu burger will make all of your vegan barbecue dreams come true! It is so delicious and filling, and packed with sweet and tangy BBQ flavor. No grill needed! It’s also gluten-free and loaded with healthy protein.


Fresh and Fruity Recipes for a Cool 4th

Try any or all of these deliciously fruity recipes for a healthy, tasty, cool holiday. 

8. Watermelon Salad with Cucumber and Mint from Know Your Produce

Refreshing Watermelon Salad is perfect for summer entertaining! You can make this side dish salad recipe sweet or savory. It’s naturally vegan, oil-free, and gluten-free.

vegan watermelon salad

9. Captain American Fruit Tray from This Ole Mom

10. Triple Berry Fruit Salad with Vanilla from The Kitchen Is My Playground

A beautiful mix of fresh strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries are drizzled with easy-to-make vanilla syrup to create this stunning and delicious Triple Berry Fruit Salad with Vanilla Simple Syrup.  It’s perfect for your 4th of July, breakfast, brunch, or any special occasion table.

Festive Side Dishes

These flavorful sides will complement any of your main dishes and some are a meal on their own.

11. Hawaiian Baked Beans in the Instant Pot from Fat-Free Vegan

vegan hawaiian baked beans instant pot

12. Easy Southern Style Potato Salad from Planted365

Southern style potato salad was an old favorite and it’s been ages since I had some. I just hadn’t gotten around to veganizing it. Which is unfortunate because this is SO easy. We made this for both a cookout and going away party and it was fantastic. Just like the southern style potato salad I remember from when I was a kid. Creamy, starchy, mustardy. Delish.

13. Cruciferous Crunch Salad from Dianne’s Vegan Kitchen

Move over coleslaw! Cruciferous Crunch Salad is destined to become everyone’s favorite cookout side dish!

14. Easy Barbecue Baked Beans from Shane and Simple

Easy Barbecue Baked Beans cooked in a delicious homemade BBQ sauce that’s rich, savory, tangy, sweet, and smoky. Vegan, low-fat, delicious, and ready in less than 30-minutes!

vegan bakes beans for 4th of july

15. Vegan Tomato and Feta Pasta Salad from Dianne’s Vegan Kitchen

This Vegan Tomato and Feta Pasta Salad is the perfect dish to take to summertime potlucks, and it’s a great side dish for cookouts and picnics, too! This recipe uses fresh tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, capers, and vegan feta cheese, and it’s super easy to make. It’s dairy-free with a gluten-free option.

vegan pasta salad

16. Tomato Cucumber Salad from Finding Zest 

This tomato cucumber salad is a refreshing side dish that is loaded with flavor and complements almost any main dish. The best fresh salads are easy with just a few key ingredients and this recipe is no exception.

vegan 4th of july plant-based holiday

17. Quinoa Cranberry Salad with Lemon and Spinach from A Virtual Vegan

This Quinoa Cranberry Salad is full of fresh, feel good flavours that everyone will love! With nutrient rich spinach, sweet dried cranberries and a zippy lemon dressing, it is able to stand alone as a protein packed, healthy meal, or can be served as a side. It’s easy to make ahead of time and is naturally gluten free.

18. Grilled Corn and Shishito Peppers from Profusion Curry

Grilled shishito peppers and corn is an appetizer in vouge !! This easy and healthy recipe is brimming with sweet and spicy flavors. A beautiful appetizer or snack to wow the crowd.

19. Pearl Couscous Salad from Girl Heart Food

This easy plant based Pearl Couscous Salad is made with sweet cranberries, zucchini, tomato, parsley and pine nuts.  It’s tossed with a lemony turmeric dressing and makes for one easy side to dinner or light lunch.

20. Southwest Pasta Salad from Glue and Glitter

This quick and easy Southwest Pasta Salad couldn’t be simpler. It tastes even better the next day, so it’s a great make-ahead for picnics and parties.

21. Easy Ratatouille from A Clean Bake

This Ratatouille recipe comes together quickly for a fresh weeknight dinner. It’s a light & fresh dish that’s gluten free, vegan, and paleo. Plus, it freezes well – so go ahead and make a double batch!

22. Healthy BBQ Sauce from Eat Plant-Based

With its sweet smoky flavor, a good bbq sauce can transform a bland recipe into an culinary masterpiece. This Healthy BBQ Sauce Recipe  can do just that!

23. Chickpea Salad with Lemon Dressing from V for Veggy

This chickpea salad + lemon dressing pairs pan roasted spiced chickpeas with cucumbers, red onions, tomatoes, cilantro, and doused in easy lemon olive oil dressing. Perfect for the warm weather! Serve as sides, salad, or stuffed in your favorite flatbread to make delicious sandwiches.


24. Frozen Watermelon Margaritas from Vegan Huggs

Don’t let watermelon season pass you by! Treat yourself to this refreshingly tasty Frozen Watermelon Margarita.

25. Light and Fresh Pina Coladas from SpaBettie

Lightened Up Pina Coladas – this light and fresh vegan cocktail is a new take on summer’s favorite – tart and fruity! Light enough to have seconds – CHEERS!

26. Boozy Mint Strawberry Lemonade from Vegan Yack Attack

A refreshing, homemade boozy mint strawberry lemonade with pops of flavor, and the fun addition of gin!


27. Fresh Watermelon Cucumber Mint Juice from Orchids and Sweet Tea

This Fresh Watermelon Cucumber Mint Juice is absolutely refreshing. You’d be surprised at just how easy it is to make, using all natural and organic ingredients, in just under 30 minutes. It’s certainly the best drink of the summer.

watermelon cucumber mint juice vegan recipe

28. Strawberry Watermelon Smoothie from Recipes from a Pantry 

This Strawberry Watermelon Smoothie Recipe is a refreshing taste of summer! With just 3 essential ingredients, it is super healthy, delicious and soooooo easy to make. 

plant based smoothie recipe

29. Instant Pot Iced Tea from My Dainty Soul Curry

It’s summer and I have this amazing Instant Pot iced tea recipe for your respite. It’s sweet, has a strong tropical flavor (yay, pineapple) and tastes really good. And, guess what! It takes just 3 minutes to make this summer-special drink in an instant pot.


Yummy Plant-Based Dairy-Free Desserts

30. Firecracker Popsicles from Fried Dandelions

Quick and easy to make, these fun firecracker popsicles will be a sure hit this summer!

firecracker popsicles vegan

31. Cherry Sorbet from Chef Not Required

This sorbet recipe doesn’t need you to make a sugar syrup, and you also make this frozen cherry sorbet recipe without ice cream maker. So simple.

32. Watermelon Lime Slush Protein Parfait from Green Smoothie Gourmet

Watermelon lime slush protein parfait is just like a watermelon ice cream full of superfoods including buckwheat groats, chia seeds and vitamin-C-rich baobab powder. This little cup makes a perfect frosty yet energizing breakfast or snack. Kid-friendly too. I mean, just look at it! And none of the sugars or chemicals typically found in colorful commercial slushes.

33. Grilled Blackberry Cobbler from Vegan Yack Attack

No need to heat up your kitchen with the oven this summer, make this Grilled Blackberry Cobbler. A fluffy biscuit topping, fresh berries, and super delicious; plus, vegan!

34. Vegan Brownies from Dessert for Two

Vegan brownies for two (small batch) made with just almond butter, maple syrup, and cocoa powder. Crazy, right? Crazy good!

35. Basic Vegan Chia Pudding from Vibrant Plate

This is a basic recipe to make a delicious vegan chia pudding. 5 minute prep time, perfect for meal-prep!

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Kim Seghers
3 years ago

Such a great roundup of so many delicious recipes. Thanks for including my fruit tray. Can’t wait to try some of these recipes!

Dawn @ Girl Heart Food

Thank you so very much for including me in this delicious round up, Lisa! Something for all summer long, really 🙂 Now, I’m hungry 😉

Verna @

Thanks for including me in your 4th of July Roundup Lisa!❤️ Everything looks so tasty!!

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