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Vegan S’mores Recipes

Here are 1o delicious s’mores recipes that are variations on the fall classic!

It’s starting to cool off in many parts of the world and we’re moving into crisp days and chilly nights that are perfect for bonfires. It’s easy to make vegan s’mores. Just replace the nonvegan ingredients with vegan ones. My favorite s’mores is made with Dandies marshmallows, vegan dark chocolate, and dairy/egg/gluten-free graham crackers. Easy peasy, right? 

10 Vegan Smores Recipes for Fall from Planted365

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Sometimes, it’s just all about snacking on the s’mores and not so much about the bonfires and outdoors. And when that happens, here are a few recipes for vegan s’mores and s’mores-inspired treats! 

10 Vegan S'mores Recipes To Make This Fall


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