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35 Vegan Easter Recipes for a Delicious Holiday

Vegan Easter Recipes are Easy to Make! And tasty, too!

Here are 35 tasty and easy-to-make vegan Easter recipes that are perfect for this or any holiday! There are savory and sweet breakfasts to get the day started and lots of mains and side dishes, breads, and desserts. 

Simple to Find Ingredients

These vegan Easter recipes don’t require hard-to-find ingredients, They’re delicious but everything you need can be found at most local groceries.

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Breakfast and Brunch Recipes

Here are recipes for a delicious start to your day.

Main Dishes

These are hearty centerpieces for the vegan Easter table.

Side Dish Recipes

Here are tasty and filling vegan pasta and other side dish recipes that are easy to make and perfect for any meal.

Vegan Breads

Who doesn't love bread? Here are a couple of easy-to-make breads that belong on the dinner table.

Vegan Desserts

This may be saving the best for last, but here are some fabulous vegan desserts that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth!

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