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20 Vegan Polenta Recipes

These Vegan Polenta Recipes are creative and deicious! They’re made with polenta, which is ground corn, so are plant-based and feature savory and sweet additions. 

vegan polenta recipes

All the recipes in this collection feature polenta as a tasty ingredient. They’re mostly easy to make and are quick and healthy as well.

What is Polenta Made Of?

Polenta is made from dried and ground yellow corn which is then cooked into a porridge. The cooked polenta can be eaten that way plain or with sweet or savory additions.

dried polenta in bowl

Polenta is dried and ground yellow corn.

If the cooked polenta is allowed to cool, it will harden into a stiff loaf which can then be sliced into any desired shape.

cooked polenta

Cooked polenta, if cooled, gets firm and can be sliced.

Some common ways to do this are to use sliced rounds or to slice the polenta into long shapes that can be made into “fries.” The possibilities are pretty endless.

Are Polenta and Grits the Same Thing?

Almost. Basically. Kind of. Polenta is dried yellow corn and grits, the Southern staple, are made from white corn. They are quite similar in taste, texture, and how they’re used. Both are delicious.

How Long Do I Cook Polenta?

Gently simmer dried polenta and water over medium heat for about 35 minutes to get a super smooth and creamy texture. Stirring almost constantly makes the smoothest polenta.

What are the Flecks in My Polenta (or Grits)? 

Sometimes there are small, dark flecks in polenta. These are simply little pieces of the germ of the corn kernel and are harmless and do not affect the flavor or anything else of the polenta. This can happen with grits as well.

20 Delicious Vegan Polenta Recipes

Here are savory and sweet polenta recipes to try. All are delicious and easy to make.

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